Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are nearly there...

WOW Room 5!  We are three weeks away from finishing a fantastic year of learning and new adventures. Although there is not long to go we must make sure we keep focused as there is still lots of learning fun to be had.  One of our goals in the next few weeks will be to blog some of our end of year activities and also get in touch with some of our readers around the world.

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Remember Room 5 - AIM FOR THE MOON!

Mrs Inns

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We have changed our news in room 5.  Each week a new topic is given and students share their knowledge, ideas or experiences about the topic.  Last week we had to share something we found amazing.  We have made a wordle out of our ideas!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What have you learnt today?

Hi Room 5

In one lesson today you have worked really hard using the computers.  First you renamed your abstract photos in the folder so that we can enter the competition.  WELL DONE!  Then you practised spelling words and maori language using the activities online.  Finally you were asked to leave a comment telling us what you learnt or found interesting this lesson. 

You have found our blog so the last step is to leave a comment and tell us about your learning.

Great work Room 5!
Mrs Inns

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planet Earth

This term we are learning all about planet earth.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazing room 5 Artists

Sorry it has been a while since we last blogged.  We have been very busy working hard.  

One thing we wanted to share with you is something we are very proud of, it is our artwork.  Our inquiry topic this term has been to learn about the roles and responsibilities of different people.  One group of people we have been finding out about has been the staff at Kilbirnie School.  We have been sending emails to find out about the different jobs at school.  To help us think about the person we were learning about we created a portrait of that person.  We used pencil, crayon, pastel and paints to make our pictures. 

We showed our pictures in assembly and they are now displayed in the office where everyone can see them.  

Here is a photo of the teacher portraits. 

Some other news is that our smallest caterpillar also turned into a small cocoon.  We are now waiting for both cocoons to hatch.

As part of our learning about blogs we are looking at what other classes have done on their blog.  We are looking forward to commenting on blogs from different classes as well as other schools. 

If you have any suggestions about what we could add to our blog please leave a comment.

- Room 5

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Today when we arrived at school the big caterpillar called Green had started turning brown, he looked shorter and fatter.  Green had also started weaving something that looked like a web.  We think Green is turning into a cocoon.
The smallest caterpillar who we have called Piranel is still growing.  She still looks green and she is smaller than Green was.
Today we have had some caterpillar eggs delivered by S.K. they are from the same tree at her house.

We look forward to seeing what happens to each of the caterpillars.
If you know anything about these caterpillars please leave us a comment.

Here are some photos of what they look like.

- Room 5

Monday, February 21, 2011

We're Back!!!!!

We have had a busy couple of weeks back at school!  So far we are having lots of fun.  At the moment we are learning to write blog entries and we are writing this together as a class.  Here are some things that we have been learning about lately.

*  Art:  We made a mould of our hand prints and made plaster hands for the wall.  We still need to put these up. We have also done some amazing self portraits of our faces.

*  Measurement:  We have been learning how to measure the length and height of things. Today we started learning how to measure the area of a shape.

*  Writing:  We have been learning to write about our own adventures using interesting words.  We wrote a story about our Kilbirnie School picnic at the park.

We have  been having swimming lessons down at our local pool.  It has been a busy time getting to know each other and sharing our wonderful skills with everyone.

One more piece of exciting news from Room 5.  Today we had some visiting caterpillars from S.K. and her mum.  They are eucalyptus caterpillars and they are very BIG!  We will keep you updated about their time in Room 5.

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- Room 5